The Show


New Diorama Theatre, 15 – 16 Triton Street, Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3BF

16th November @ 7 pm

The sons and daughters of opera singers, accountants, policemen, and intelligence officers, Kalon are bringing their first show to ZOO at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

We welcome you to join us at the end of a demonstration; you might have been there, you might have read about it, but blending Spoken Word and theatre we will leave you asking whether everything written about the ‘Millennial’ generation is really fair, or even true. An examination of why it is Millennials seem to be so convinced no-one’s really listening, and why they hate the label, Child’s Play punctuates the re-telling of a protest with explosive spoken word interrogations of what it means to be 20-something, over-educated, and suspicious of almost everything. Tidying away the detritus at the end of a demo, sharing out left-over sweets, and giving vent to a generation’s spleen, Child’s Play is for anyone who’s ever met, is, or is mystified by, a ‘Millennial’. Hopefully you’ll find it enlightening, maybe you’ll learn a chant or two, maybe you’ll just have some Haribo. You don’t have to agree, but you should at least listen.

We were led to form the company after a conversation about the frustration we felt about how our generation is portrayed and understood. The team met at the University of Sheffield over the course of several years, and have worked together in combinations of members and roles too numerous to list. A mixture of experienced slam poets and performers, we hope to bring to bear a unique blend of the two forms to engage our audience and incite debate. We then decided to think about how we could express this, without sounding like we were just whining. We think we’ve found a way. We hope to make theatre that plays with form, challenges expectations but doesn’t preach, that interrogates pre-conceptions but doesn’t tell you what to think.

Hoping to make a mark with an engaging show and a distinctive style, Kalon Theatre’s Child’s Play might be exactly what you’re searching for this year.

And we also aim to give out some sweets.

Running time: 60 minutes | Age Category 15+ | £10 (£8 concessions)

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Company Information

Directed by Chloe Christian

Written and performed by Daniel Turner

Produced by Liz Johnson


Technical Management by Abbey Bursack

Devised and performed by Mike Alexander, Anna Dobrucki